dear hotel guest.

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 1421-2021: We celebrate 600 years of history.

Discover the Atrium-Hotel Blume, Baden (Switzerland)
and find out…

  • …how the hotel was described in the 1570’s
    (see Infopoint1) 
  •  …how a strong woman took over the hotel in the end of the 19th century
    (see Infopoint2
  • …why we can easily know who and when people stayed in the hotel
    (see Infopoint3)  


  • …why spending the whole day in the thermal water was normal in the past
    (see Infopoint4


  • …how the lift changed the hotel life
    (see Infopoint5)  


  • …why the hotel guest Gotthard II. from Breiten-Landenberg was killed by the owner of the house
    (see Infopoint6)  


  • …where the house wine comes from
    (see Infopoint7


  • …what kind of decorative painting can be found in the dining hall
    (see Infopoint8)  


  • …which God or Muse can be seen in the Lady’s Salon
    (see Infopoint9


  • …why the painting on the second floor can be mistaken for a receptionist
    (see Infopoint10


  • …how Count of Holzappel fell in love in the Blume in the 1640’s
    (see Infopoint11


  • …why the family Erne received the Aargau Heritage Prize
    (see Infopoint12


The Infopoints 13 and 14 are located in the Baden History Museum. On the thrilling audio tour Schwatz&Schwefel you will meet important people from Baden’s spa area.
There you will also find out… 

  • …why Baden’s first museum was set up in the Blume.
    (see Infopoint13)  


  • …how the Borsinger hotelier dynasty was well connected throughout Switzerland
    (see Infopoint14)