The original and restored ceiling paintings of the Ladies’ Salon.

The Gods and Muses of the Ladies' Salon

Since 2009, the gods and muses of the Ladies’ Salon are visible again. Salus, Juno, Apollo, Clio, Calliope, Thalia – the six medallions surround a central ceiling mirror. In an extensive restoration, the high-quality historicist decorative painting was uncovered by restorer Ina Link.

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The modernization and upgrading measures of the 1872 renovation also included the decorative painting of the two newly created larger halls: the dining room and the ladies’ salon. New pigments and new binders enabled a new interior color scheme at that time. Typical for the time was that different techniques such as oil emulsion painting and distemper painting were used selectively within a room. Preliminary investigations in the Ladies’ Salon, initiated by the Cantonal Monument Preservation Office, revealed a high-quality historicist ceiling painting with medallions and a floral painting in the center of the ceiling mirror. These were uncovered in 2009 by the restorer Ina Link.

Calliope: The muse of poetry, science and philosophy. She is the oldest and wisest of the nine classical muses (daughters of Zeus).

Salus (most likely): Salus is a female deity of Roman religion. She is considered the personification of well-being (Latin: salus = well-being, salvation, health).

Juno: Roman goddess of birth, marriage and care. She was equated with the Greek goddess Hera and became the wife of Jupiter and thus the queen of the goddesses.

Apollo: Is the god of light, healing and the arts in both Greek and Roman mythology. He is one of the Olympian gods, the twelve main gods of the Greek pantheon.

Thalia: She is also one of the nine muses in Greek mythology, namely the one of comedy and entertainment. She is also considered the protector of all theatrical venues.

Clio: In Greek mythology, she is the muse of heroic poetry and historiography. The Borsinger family as well as the hotel guests took great interest in the history of the place. In the ladies’ salon at that time,  there was a small exhibition of Roman statues (antiquities cabinet), which came to light during the construction of the new shed in the Haselfeld.

Preservation of monuments Aargau: Document regarding the decorative painting at the Blume Baden (german only) pdf

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